Peeled and quartered pumpkin. Was easier to do than I had originally thought 4 trays of sliced (on a mandolin) pumpkin pieces 8 hours at 105 produced these pumpkin crisps. The raw pie mash - needs one more blending to smooth it out even more. The crust is adapted from Matthew Kenney's Crumble in his Raw Desserts book, then dried overnight and filled. The finished pie - pre garnish. Adding coconut whipped cream on site

Raw Pumpkin Pie - original recipe from Rawmazing - Link here

This is a labor of love, which I think applies to everything we prepare for families on Thanksgiving. Try this when you have plenty of time.

Susan explains in her recipe that you need to peel and slice the pumpkin, then dehydrate it - she recommends a few hours, I left it in overnight and you can see it got very dry. However, it reconstituted excellently, and that process did indeed remove any starchiness. Awesome trick.

Next, you can see the mash of cashews, maple, coconut oil and pumpkin after it first came out of the Vitamix. I really wanted a smooooooooth mouth feel, so actually processed it even more and you can see in the top image that the final product is like velvet.

The crust I did differently as we are not big Pecan fans. This is almond meal and oat flour with maple syrup, mixed, formed, then dehydrated overnight. I am debating about putting the whole pie into the dehydrator overnight to get a thin skin on the pumpkin.

Great idea from a friend this morning is to whip up a can of coconut milk, which turns into a nice Rediwhip substitute ;-) - You can see that the creme whipped nicely, however next time, I will aerate it more.  Recipe here

This indeed had more than 3 steps, which some of my readers actually count. So, if you can abide more than 3 steps, this is a great recipe. I’ll report back on what the families said about the taste.

til we eat again.

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